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It is necessary for hair growth 6 vitamins beauty tips for hair fall in English

As our age progresses, our hair fall and more are started to grow. In most women, the problem of hair loss begins to start when the age of 30 starts and remains as long as 60 years.

There are some reasons for women that cause hair loss, such as excessive stress, drug intake, thyroid, pregnancy, lack of nutrition, hair loss in the hair or excessive use of barky products in the hair.

6 vitamins for Hair Growth

Let us know which of these essential vitamins, by consuming it, can cause you to lose your hair falling, white and stubbornness.

Vitamin A vitamin A

Vitamin A vitamin A helps in making hair black and shiny. Vitamin A vitamin A contains a lot of antioxidants. By which the head is engaged in the head and the hair does not become dry.

With this, it strengthens the hair. And enhances its thickness. For vitamin A, you should eat milk, mangoes, mangoes, carrots, spinach, or sweet potato etc.

Biotin or vitamin B vitamin B

Biotin is also called vitamin H Who takes care of broken hair and fixes his texture. You can get this vitamin from egg, yeast, cauliflower, bananas, walnuts and almonds.

Vitamin B Vitamin B

It prevents hair fall. It helps in absorbing iron in the body, causing iron deficiency in the body and no harm to the hair.

You can get iron from the egg, cheese, spinach, beet, milk and curd.

Vitamin C vitamin C

It causes hair to become uneven white and to be dry. If it is eaten on a daily basis, your hair can become long and dense.

You get this from lemon, guava, strawberries and other citrus fruits.

Vitamin E vitamin E

Here, the hair prevents stubbornness, fall and glowing finish. It also keeps scalp healthy and increases blood circulation in the head. To get it, you should eat almonds, fish, milk, groundnut, spinach and sunflower seeds.

Folic acid

This vitamin provides thickness to the hair. With it, it fills the glow and gives them moisture. By eating this, your hair will not be too quick white.

The same diet will give you folic acid, which will give you vitamins also. By the way, if you like, you can eat lentils, bins, peas, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli or okra etc. and citrus fruits and juice.

So, friends, you can use these few vitamins to save your hair from diseases and diseases, and you can quickly resist your hair, grow your hair faster, and you continue to visit our website for more information. And subscribe to your email ID and if you have any such comments, then definitely tell us and keep following us.
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