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Do not eat empty stomach also by mistake These things, the reason is very dangerous

For a good health, we must have a breakfast in the morning every morning but do you know that there are some things that can lead to loss of substance instead of the benefit of the body, empty stomach, these things are dangerous for your body. Could. In today's post, we are going to tell you about three things which you should not eat empty stomach.


The empty stomach food is not good at all for our body. By eating empty stomach, our body increases the amount of magnesium, which causes calcium and magnesium imbalances in the body. Therefore, do not make any mistake to eat food in the morning due to mistake.

Foods You Should Avoid Have On An Empty Stomach


Eating empty stomach coffee in the morning can prove to be very fatal for your body. Caffeine is present in coffee, consuming empty stomach coffee can cause acidity and gas problems.

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Acid is also present in tea like coffee, and it can cause stomach ache problems. If you want to drink empty stomach tea then you must take a glass of water before that.

Foods You Should Avoid Have On An Empty Stomach


Usually, the use of curd is very beneficial to our body but the empty stomach is consumed by its intestinal illness. The drain of empty stomach yoghurt can cause irritation of the stomach and stomach in our stomach. By which our digestive system is damaged.

Foods You Should Avoid Have On An Empty Stomach

If you use any of the things used in the morning in the above mentioned above, then you should be alert and you should use the same thing that is useful for your body, then here is the thing in your body Do not use these things for the morning if you do not use it.

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hi bro very nice article
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Hi very nice article . I dont know that banana was harmful for our health when taken empty stomach.