How to prevent falling and falling hair

Hello friends In today's our article, we told you how to keep your falling hair safe, for that we have brought some solutions for you, which we have told you in our article, if you If you use cheese, your hair loss will stop and if you are going to gain more then let's know.

How to prevent falling and falling hair

Save your hair like this

Falling child today is a universal problem. That's why we have brought some tips for you, which will stop the fall of your hair, and they will also get better health. Increasing pollution is not only causing respiratory problems but also due to hair fall.

So we are telling you some such home remedies, which will stop the fall of your hair. How to prevent falling and falling hair

drink plenty of water

Do not stop drinking water in winter, especially if your hair is falling, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Water prevents fungus infections in the hair. False Infection is a major cause of hair fall in the head.

Oil before shampoo

To reduce the hair fall, do not forget to do oily before shampooing, in fact, after shampooing without oiling the hair becomes rusty and breaks down. Hair oiling two to three times in the fourth. Your hair fall will stop and hair glow will also increase.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a magical effect on hair and skin. This is only helpful in preventing hair fall, but other hair problems such as Dandruff get rid of low growth. Hair oiling 2 to 3 times a week. This will prevent your hair fall and hair glow too.

Distance from junk food

Hair falls from an unhealthy eating habit. That is why take more and more nutritious food in the food. Especially eat protein meals. Soya bean, eggs, low-fat cheese, curd, dal ate.

Eat sprouts

Sprout contains potassium fibre and protein is also rich in it. Add it to the diet, it will reduce hair fall and become shiny too.

Take tea, coffee

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which negatively affects the health of the hair. If doctors and experts believe that if you drink juice and green tea instead of daily tea and enough, then the hair will remain strong and beautiful.

Complete sleep

Hair fall due to lack of sleep. So get to sleep.

Girls used to make 2 oils to lengthen hair

As soon as the girls start getting bigger, the first thing comes in their mind that how long their hair is. Because most girls first wish that their hair is quite long. If the girls want to stretch their hair, then today they are going to tell me about two such oils that they can lengthen their hair using these two oils.

Let's know in detail what the two oils are.

It is there 2 oil

1. Girls who want to stretch their hair regularly, massage their hair with olive oil every morning. Because olive oil is very beneficial for long hair and you can lengthen your hair by massaging olive oil on your hair every morning.

2. Coconut oil is not less than a boon to make the hair thick. Whether it is boys or girls for centuries, use coconut oil only to keep hair healthy. So you can also use coconut oil to get long hair.

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