2.0 Box Office Collection Day 5: Film 2.0 also had these mistakes

Hello friends. Welcome to our channel Bollywood Wiki Friends, all of you know that after a long wait, the most popular movie '2.0' has been released on November 29. 

This is one of India's most expensive films. The budget for this movie is around 600 crores. 

When you hear the budget of the film, you are thinking of how much the fees will be paid to the stars working in this movie? We are going to tell you about the stars' fees in film '2.0'. So let's know about them.

2.0 Box Office Collection Day 5

So much money has been paid to Akshay Kumar, stars of Film 2.0,

1.S Shankar

South's famous director S. Shankar has made this movie. s. Shankar is known for making expensive films. For this film, he has worked hard for two years. To direct this movie, S. Shankar has been given Rs 10 crore.

2. Amy Jackson

In the first part of the film '2.0', Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai had worked. But this time, in the film, South actress Emmy Jackson is revealing her voice. Amy Jackson has taken 4 million rupees to work in this film.


If there is a lifeline of '2.0', then that is Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth has also given a strong action scene at this age. For the last two years, he has worked hard for this film. Tell him about your information that he used to sit in one place for his make-up. For the film, he has charged the highest amount of 60 crores.

4. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the main attractions of the film. In this film, he has played a doctor. Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood superstar. 

He has charged 40 crores rupees for this movie as a fee. You will not be convinced that these fees have only worked for his 20 days.

2.0 Box Office Collection

Rajinikanth's '2.0' is flying fiercely on the internet;

2.0 Movie update: Friends, as you all know, the trailer of this year's popular movie '2.0' was launched on November 3. 

The film VFX has been used extensively and why the movie budget is being said to be about Rs 543 crores. Let me tell you, Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson have played the main characters in the film. The film will be screened in theatres on November 29.

As soon as the trailer of the movie is released, the audience has started giving their feedback. Some people liked the film's trailer and proved the film as blockbuster right now. At the same time, some people started making fun of social media about the film.

2.0 movie box office

In this post, we have brought a few selected pictures, in which you can see how the audience of the movie has made fun. On social media handles, people took out a lot of jokes on the trailer by junking on the trailer. Let me tell you, people of this movie have been waiting since last year because the film's release method has moved forward many times.

To make this film a super-budget, it will have to make a collection of at least Rs. 1000 crore. By the way, the super-king Rajinikanth fan fanging is very much in South. In addition, there is no shortage of people who want Akshay in Bollywood. In such a situation, no one can stop the film from being a super hit.

According to box office experts, the film can be a super hit. But it is difficult to break the record of riots and Bahubali. Please tell, this movie is a sequel to 'Robot', released in 2010, which was very much liked by the audience. This time, Akshay Kumar's entry as the villain in the film has been done.

2.0 Box Office Collection report

Film 2.0 also had these mistakes which probably no one would notice, you see here

If you have seen the movie 2.0 then you will have taken this film with the best VFX film so far. The critics in this film have also not given any shortcomings. But if you have seen this film clearly, Mistakes that will happen in Bollywood often happen in Bollywood.

Doctor Vandalism and Mobile Cellar Single Room

The first mistake was that in the movie when the bird enters the room, the doctor sees the same room as a Vashi Karan and mobile cellar. Not only this, the bed remains the same and the nearby landline phone remains the same.

Suddenly the mobile is set on the road

Now it was a mistake to understand this in this film. When the owner of the network company is going to Loo * in his car suddenly a tower is standing in front of him. When he leaves the car and runs on the road then A road is displayed in the film, but the next moment falls under the feet of the mobile

Doctor vandalism also gets a phone call to Sana when all the towers of the city are broken.

Now that you have noticed, when all the mobiles disappear in the movie, then the phone will be flown by the doctor even while doing the vasectomy. But after some time, the doctor Vashikaran removes the old phone from Nokia and joins the phone. Now the city If all the towers are broken, then how does this phone get to Santana?

Mobile battery never dies

Everybody who raises the mobile phone, Rajan keeps on running till he dies without having a battery. This cannot be judged by how this magic happened and neither told it in the film.

Holes from a phone to the roof

Now, how much power is there in a phone that came to know in this film. When everyone's phones fly, they fly into the roof and fly away. Now how is it, how the phone does not collapse.

So these small mistakes have happened in such a big film. You have to tell them in the comment, apart from them or what is the biggest of them, and do not forget to follow for more such news.

2.0 on the fourth day, Tehelka was launched on Sunday, blockbuster

Yes, friends, we are going to talk about Film 2.0, which has been continuously performing well at the box office for the last 3 days. This film has performed tremendously for the fourth day today. Let us tell you that this film has been a collection of over 200 crores in 3 days so far at the box office.

And the film's tremendous earnings are continuously continuing. Let me tell you that this film will also do Dharka business on Sunday because the house shows are running from the morning of the film show. And this film is getting a tremendous advantage because of Sunday.

To see the film, there is a lot of crowds watching in the morning. And the morning show of the movie is going on at the house since morning. Let me tell you that this film is directed by Shankar.
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